5th Annual International Conference on Comparative Law 

Law of Obligations Surrounded by Other Normative Systems

Subject areas

  1. Morality, customs, praxeology and the content of an obligation.
  2. Agreements which are not contracts, relevant to the law of obligations. 
  3. Obligations of the creditor: are they just correlates of the obligations of the debtor, or do they constitute a functionally separate category?
  4. The history of the relationship of contract law and other normative systems. Interpretation, law-making and science of law.
  5. "Socialist law" in the capitalist reality (and vice versa). Interaction of the legal system with the extra-legal environment. The impact of socio-political formations on the shape of state, the content and the evolution of the law.
  6. The future of the state law in terms of economic globalization.
  7. The nature of the obligations in terms of the various normative systems.
  8. Facts as obligations vs legal systems.
  9. Cultural diversity - a challenge to the law of obligations?

Program of the event is available here.

Conference Fee
Conference fee is obligatory and might be payed in euro (60) or złoty (250 zł).

IMPORTANT: Please include your first and last name and "COMPLAW2015" in the title of the transfer.

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November 6-7, 2015 (Friday and Saturday)


Warsaw, Poland
University of Social Sciences and Humanities


Sessions and panels - English and Polish


SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities
University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

Scientific Committee

  1. Bronisław Sitek, Prof. 
  2. Aldo Petrucci, Prof.
  3. Zdzisław Brodecki, Prof.
  4. Katarzyna Ciućkowska-Leszczewicz, Ph.D
  5. Jakub J. Szczerbowski, Ph.D
  6. Aleksander W. Bauknecht, Ph.D
  7. Maciej Rzewuski, Ph.D

Organization Committee

  1. Jakub J. Szczerbowski, Ph.D
  2. Katarzyna Ciućkowska-Leszczewicz, Ph.D
  3. Aleksander W. Bauknecht, Ph.D
  4. Sławomir Kursa, Ph.D
  5. Bartłomiej Okoń, M.A.
  6. Monika Antonowicz, M.A.
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